Included in the Eco Printing Bundle

  • 6 +Hours of Video Lessons

    Detailed, step-by-step demonstration lessons and accompanying PDFs to support your learning.

  • 99+ Lessons

    Progressive lessons and simple experiments to let you see for yourself with your plants, water, season, and climate conditions how you can get beautiful results

  • Discussion Platform & Monthly Zoom Calls

    There will be many ways for you to get immediate answers to your questions & share your results: lesson discussions, a private FB-style Group, & monthly Zoom calls.

The Full Monty

A Natural Dyeing & Eco Printing Community for Learning, Creating, Gifting, & Growing

* Get all the Fabric Preparation Skill Lessons to go to when you need a refresher.

* Get all the Complete Eco Printing Guide lessons.

* Get all of the Natural Dyeing lessons for local materials AND Traditional Dyes, and more to come.

s A Discount on the combined Prices.

* An Actively Engaged Fiber Artist-Teacher.

  • A total of 99 Video Lessons, including 24 Core Skills lessons & 75 Project Lessons available when you sign up.

  • I will keep adding lessons all year, so there will be plenty of interesting projects and teaching videos to develop your skills.

  • Group Discussions and a place for you to ask your questions, right next to the course material that is giving you a hard time.

  • Monthly Live Sessions (10/year) for Q&As, demos, trading ideas and new techniques, learning together & celebrating our accomplishments

The Full Monte

All you need to learn about Natural Dyeing, Eco Printing & Fabric Preparation for these processes

What Former Students are Saying...

“The pre-workshop materials were very comprehensive. It was great to have additional resources! Sarah’s teaching was very organized and concise with demonstrations. The class handouts were very helpful and the pace was great!”


“I had the best time attending one of Sarah's dye workshops. Sarah is a great teacher, she explains things well and invites you to observe every part of the process. The loveliness of the workshop still lingers for me and has inspired me to continue incorporating dyeing into my life.”


“Sarah is a great teacher! Her instructions are clear, process well defined and creativity encouraged. I appreciated that I was able to create four lovely silk scarves during a one-day workshop - and that she provided written instructions and supply sources so that we could easily continue with our new skills at home. I’m looking forward to her online classes!”


Meet Sarah

Sarah Tremaine


I grew up in New England, close to the forest and the sea. I moved to the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 43 years ago, to study environmental sciences, and 20 years ago, I shifted gears and began following my passion for designing Wearable Art using local plant materials for eco prints, natural dyes, fibers, and fabrics. It is so important to me to create and hand-make stylish, comfortable clothing, accessories & home decor that are flattering & healthy for you and for the planet. I have been teaching in person since 2010 and online since 2020. I find I can be so much more complete in my online Workshops since students have more time to absorb the material. I now provide my in-person students with access to my online material & they love it!