Included in the Eco Printing Bundle

  • 5 +Hours of Video Lessons

    Detailed, step-by-step demonstration lessons and accompanying PDFs to support your learning.

  • 47+ Lessons

    Progressive lessons and simple experiments to let you see for yourself with your plants, water, season, and climate conditions how you can get beautiful results

  • Discussion Platform & Monthly Zoom Calls

    There will be many ways for you to get immediate answers to your questions & share your results: lesson discussions, a private FB-style Group, & monthly Zoom calls.

In this Bundle....

You get the following:

All the Core Skills: Fabric Preparation lessons,

All the Complete Guide to Eco Printing Lessons, AND

Access to Storing Leaves for Winter Eco Printing

  • Refresh your Botany Skills

  • Create an Eco Printing Journal

  • Learn about differnt kinds of fibers and kinds of fabrics and how these qualities impact your eco prints

  • Learn some basic Natural Dye Preparation & SO much more!

Complete Guide to Eco Printing Workshop + Core Skills: Fabric Preparation

  • $83.00 first payment, $16.50 / month onwards

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