Course curriculum

    1. How to use the teaching platform

    2. How to get Notice that someone has posted in our Community Group

    1. Message from Sarah about the Embroidery Study Group

    2. Embroidery Stitch Books

    3. Embroidery Needles

    4. Naturally Dyed Embroidery Threads

    5. Needle Case - See Free DIY Project Elsewhere

    1. Overview of Stitch a Day

    2. Getting Fabric Ready, I'm using Linen

    3. Choosing a Natural Dye for the Fabric - Acorn

    4. Making Some Acorn Dye

    5. Dyeing the Fabric

    6. Fabric Dyeing is Finished & Transferring the Template for January

    7. All Ready to Start

    8. A-Block-Day Progress Shots January week 1

    9. Block-a-Day Jan week2

    10. Block-A-Day Jan Wk3

    1. Overview of Making Test Swatches a la Alabama Chanin

    2. Pleated Ruffle - AL Studio Sewing + Design - pg 109

    3. Assorted Stripes - Al Studio Sewing + Design - pgs 104-108

    1. Zoom Mtg Replay- January 5, 2023

    2. Zoom Mtg Replay - January 18, 2023

    3. Embroidery Study Group Feb 15, 2023 Mtg NOTES

    4. Zoom Mtg Replay - Mar 15, 2012

    5. Embroidery Study Group Zoom Meeting April 19, 7 pm

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Meet Sarah

Sarah Tremaine


I grew up in New England, close to the forest and the sea. I moved to the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 43 years ago, to study environmental sciences, and 20 years ago, I shifted gears and began following my passion for designing Wearable Art using local plant materials for eco prints, natural dyes, fibers, and fabrics. It is so important to me to create and hand-make stylish, comfortable clothing, accessories & home decor that are flattering & healthy for you and for the planet. I have been teaching in person since 2010 and online since 2020. I find I can be so much more complete in my online Workshops since students have more time to absorb the material. I now provide my in-person students with access to my online material & they love it!

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